Hello Friends,
In the abundance of caution Mission Cedar Hill has been helping our community while obeying all of the guidelines laid out for us by our State, County and City governments. And as our communities reimerge from our orders, Mission Cedar Hill too will begin to step out more and more into our community restoring homes and HOPE.
While all of our organized Big Day events have been canceled or postponed during this “Safer at Home” period, we are presently gearing up in ways that are safe for you, your group, and the neighbors that we serve. While we have waited for things to improve, the gradual deterioration of homes and properties have not. The homeowners we will address in the coming days have been patiently waiting for things to improve, and now the Biggest Improvement they will see will be THEIR HOME. We are so thankful for those that that will join us to Take Care to our Community. But if you aren’t quite ready to join others outside and in groups, then there are still lots of ways you can help. 
1) We need money to do what we do. There is no other way or reason to say it any differently. We have never, and will never charge a home owner a single penny for what we do. Everything is purchase with donated funds made by generous people. 25 people giving $10 gives us enough money to take on an average home restoration project. Do the math. Are you able to help us out finacially? You can mail a contribution to Mission Cedar Hill, 101 High Pointe Ln. Cedar Hill, TX 75104, or give here on our web site. We are a registered non-profit in Texas and all of your donations are tax deductable.
2) We need people to call and contact volunteers to assure we will be as ready, and as safe as we possibly can this June. Things will be a little diffrent. We need to make sure everybody clearly understands the process. You can send emails, text, or make phone calls for us to recruit and inform our volunteers. 
3) We need “Runners” during the Event. These people are often alone, or with one other family member. They run water, parts and pieces, or tools to the TEAMS at the various work sites. They can be very minimal to no contact with those on the job for the added caution of those wanting or needing it.
4) We need Prayer Warriors! We already have long list, and it is growing, of homeoners who are waiting for us to help them with their property. This isn’t just an opportunity to restore a home, but a great priviledge to restore HOPE, health, and dignity. And we plan to put Jesus at the front of it all. If we start praying now for those homeowners and volunteer TEAMs who knows what will happen this June? 
5) We need people to help us Get the Word Out! If you would post on your website, social media outlets, or in conversations around your dining room tables, we would greatly appreciate it. Because of this years circummstances, we are running a little behind schedule. So we can use your help. Let us know what we can provide you with, blurbs, images, links, just let us know, and let’s Get the Word Out the Mission Cedar Hill IS A GO!
We invite you to check out and LIKE US on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MissionCedarHill. The best, most accurate, official WORD will always be shared here on our website, but current, immediate, timely notices are frequently posted on our Facebook page. Like us, share our announcements, repost our post, please help us Get the Word Out.
Saying all of that, it is our desire to be the Best neighbor we can be, and are looking for ways to be exactly that in these days. Please pray for our leadership and volunteers as we look for ways to be helpful, and responsible. May the Lord bless you. May He cause his face to shine upon you and give you PEACE!
Steve Scott
Mission Cedar Hill
Project Manager


Mission Cedar Hill (MCH), now in its 19th year, is a joint effort of volunteers from churches, the city, non-profits and individuals to bless struggling home owners, especially the elderly, disabled, veterans, and non-profit properties by beautifying those properties and bringing them into code compliance.

The vision is based on Matthew 5:16, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Be a part of what is happening through the work of Mission Cedar Hill!  You can Donate HERE, or sign-up to Volunteer HERE. 

If you are in need and looking for assistance, we ask that you print off THIS FORM and fill it out. Then mail it to us Mission Cedar Hill, 101 High Pointe Lane, Cedar Hill, TX 75104. Filling out and mailing in the form does not guarantee we can help you, but not filling it out and mailing it in guarantees we cannot. Here is the link to the APPLICATION .

Watch this 3 minute video from 2017

Check us out on Facebook

Sponsor pickets at Virginia Weaver Park get yours today.

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