Who We Are


Mission Cedar Hill is a group of neighbors, made up of residents, businesses, churches schools and government officials who have banded together to bring about community  transformation by helping meet the physical needs of our residents, non-profits, and others in real and meaningful ways.

Mission Cedar Hill is a Christ centered Ministry, and while evangelism is not our primary focus we cannot hide that fact that God loves us, God loves you, and His will for our lives is that we love Him. Our love for God will be evident in everything we do, from the first contact until the end, our partners and neighbors will know that God called us, Christ empowered us, and need sent us. Love always wins.

In 2002, our Mayor shared a concern about a particular piece of property in our community and how that need could be met. Led by the Lord, one man responded, “We’ll take care of that”, so the Mayor asked, “Who are ‘we’?”, the man said, “Mission Cedar Hill”. That prompted the Mayor to ask, “Who is Mission Cedar Hill?”, to which the gentleman responded, “I’ll get back to you on that.”

Not only did the gentleman get back to the Mayor on who Mission Cedar Hill became, a group of residents and friends of Cedar Hill, but that one residential needs were met, and hundreds of similar needs have been met for over 16 years at homes and non profits all over our great city.

Mission Cedar Hill is a collaborated effort to lend a helping hand, extended by neighbors just like you to those who for many reasons aren’t able to complete the task by themselves. The elderly, disabled, poor, and children are our primary  focus. But people in need are our mission.

We do simple work like sorting and organizing donations, to intensive work like yard work, damaged or rotted wood replacement and painting are just a sample of what we do. We work in animal rescue facilities, to thrift stores, inside and outside. We cut down trees, and plant new ones. And we do it all to help bring transformation to our city, and a smile to our neighbor’s heart, all in the name of Jesus, the greatest Transformation Giver ever!

For over 16 years we have been there for our neighbors in need. We are learning that Life is Better Together, and that we can Build Unity through Collaboration. Will you join us in helping them this year?

Why not today, why not right now. Just click on this link Joining Mission Cedar Hill, and you will be well on your way to lending a hand to your neighbor. Mission Cedar Hill is a Nonprofit, a subsidiary of Transformation Vision Cedar Hill. Therefore all of your donations are tax deductible, and all of your time can be recorded as community service. Just two more advantages of being a part of the Mission Cedar Hill family.

Be a part of what is happening through the work of Mission Cedar Hill!  You can Donate HERE, or sign-up to Volunteer HERE.