Mission Cedar Hill host numerous opportunities every year to help groups, organizations, and neighborhoods get outside their own doors and comfort zones and into the lives and needs of others. We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and schedule your group for your own Big Day! Just give us a call, 214-884-8378.

If you are in need and looking for assistance, we ask that you print off THIS FORM and fill it out. Then mail it to us Mission Cedar Hill, 101 High Pointe Lane, Cedar Hill, TX 75104. Filling out and mailing in the form does not guarantee we can help you, but not filling it out and mailing it in guarantees we cannot. Here is the link to the APPLICATION .

Upcoming Events

While the pandemic has greatly disrupted the working world, it has not deterred the deterioration of homes by a single day. Therefore, posting specific work days has been increasingly more difficult. This we can promise you. Get a group together, tell us what kind of work you want to do and when, and WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Here is the list of our upcoming opportunities:

2023 Events

January 16th MLK Day

January  Big Day


Love Cedar Hill


June 8th – 10th, 2023  Big Week


And more to come . . . . Schedule Yours!

Here is just a few of our previous Work Events:

Big Week Thursday June 9th – Saturday June 11th 2022

Mission Cedar Hill’s Big Week is the celebration of the event that got all of this started. Each June we get together to G.O. and Take Care to the Community. This year’s annual Big Week is Thursday June 9th – Saturday June 11th, from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Feel free to sign up for a single day, or all three. Lunch will be provided each day.

We will follow safe work site procedure that both the job site and the times require. Come join us as we seek to Take Care to the Community while meeting the needs of our neighbors and sharing with them the Love of Jesus. Just check out how on Join Mission Cedar Hill.

Campamento 2021

Campamento is a camp that involved youth from all over the Great State of Texas. From Lubbock to Mount Pleasant, Midland to Longview, Pecos to Pittsburg, even Denver City and many more. Over 280 youth came to town to help us share the Love of Christ and many of the ministries available here in Cedar Hill with neighbors in need.

But it won’t just be those in need that will hear about the Love of Christ, but others that are capable and willing to lend a helping hand. Businesses and neighbors can help Bridges Resource Center meet the needs of Mothers and families with food, diapers, clothing, shelter, and a lot more. How about you? Can you help?

So if you would join us please in praying for the volunteers and staff that will be sharing this Great News with our community, we would be forever grateful. Pray for the homeowners and business partners that we will meet along the way. Pray for safety and protection over the youth as they take time out of their Summer to serve others.  May the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus be shared, His Kingdom work be done with willing and grateful hearts, and His Love be evident in everything we do. 

Big Week 2021

Big Week 2021 is NOW in the history books. 36 men and women, boys and girls stepped out in the some of the warmest days we have seen in a long time to take on the needs of their neighbors in bold and courageous ways. With these men and women, young and old, we were able to correct the code violations of 7 of our neighbors. Not just bringing their home back into meeting the minimum code regulations, but beyond with a new coat of paint, big beautiful fences with self closing gates, yards restored to the beaty that once made it easy to be proud to live there.  These boys and girls, men and women built pride, and restored hope in the lives of their neighbors, and they did it all wearing a smile.

Jesus said, “Love your neighbor.” And we at Mission Cedar Hill have come to understand that He meant love your neighbor. Love takes action, proactive action. Love doesn’t just happen. It is not a passive idea, but a intentional act on the behalf of the Lover. God loved the world, SO He sent His Son Jesus to save it. MCH has heard the call to love our community with our hands and feet while meeting real, physical, changeable, needs.

While this year’s event might be over, your event is still waiting. Talk to your friends, your family. Share with them a need that you have become aware of in the life of a co-worker, neighbor, or friend. Agree with them to pray about it, asking God how He has planned to meet that need. Then give us a call. Our application to receive help on a home is here, above, on this page. To seek help for your friend, have them fill it out and send it in to us. To help meet their needs, or dozens of needs just like theirs waiting today, sign-up to help out on any of our scheduled Big Days, or contact us to schedule a Special Day just for you and your group. We look forward to hearing from you.


Dallas MK Big Day        (Saturday, March 21st – 10 AM – 2 PM)

We are always excited when a New Partner calls us looking for a way to share the Love of Christ out in the Community. Dallas MK is a group of young people, many whose parents work in the Missionary fields in one way or another, that are looking to do something valuable in the life of their community.  So on Saturday, March 21st, 2020, they will be gathering together from 10 AM – 2 PM to G.O. and make a difference in others lives.

What a joy it is to meet a group of young people that already understand the value in service. We look forward to working with Nadia and the Dallas MK kids this coming Spring. You can join with them. Just go to the Join Mission Cedar Hill page and fill out the form, and check Dallas MK Big Day for your day of service. It’s that simple. OR . . . . maybe you could follow their lead and schedule your own small group, or youth group, or not-so-youthful group’s own Big Day. Give us a call, let’s talk.

Past Events

MLK National Day of Service (Monday, January 20, 2020)

On Monday, January 20, 2020 Mission Cedar Hill hosted a Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. When we were approached by the Cedar Hill Fire Department to consider a Big Day with them on the MLK Day of Service we were MORE than excited to say YES!

So on Monday, 1/20/20 we met promptly at 8:00 AM at the Firehouse located at 1212 W. Belt Line Rd, Cedar Hill, 75104. This day’s work was ALL outside and a demolition project. That meant heavy shoes (nails) and gloves (splinters). We received our job and instructions, reviewed our safety procedures and then off to work we went. 

Mission Cedar Hill started 2020 off with 19 Homeowners waiting, hoping, that we will be able to help them. When organizations like the CHFD, small groups, Churches, schools, businesses and clubs like yours ask us to help you to organize a Big Event (2 or more days) or a Big Day we get to tell another home owner, “We’re on our way over to Your house!” and the celebration begins.

Chief Smith , having been touched on a previous Big Day asked if his team could take on a HUGE need he became aware of at that site. We admire Chief Smith and the CHFD, for this was no small task, it was certainly a BIG DAY. But we were ready, the CHFD team was ready, and the homeoner had been ready for some time. And we got to tell her we are on our way!

How about your group? Chief Reyes . . . maybe the Cedar Hill Police Department can send a team? Cedar Hill High School . . . what will your students be doing that day? Hey ABC Church or Congregation . . . would you like to put together a team to take on your own Day of Service?  Give us a call (214) 884-8378, or email us at to find out how to get YOUR Big Day organized.

Or maybe you are just the kind of person that is ready to jump right in. Then we encourage you to go to the Join Mission Cedar Hill page and sign-up on any or all of the upcoming Big Days scheduled.  There you will find all of the upcoming Big Days scheduled in the drop down window. Just fill in the form, and you are off and running in your own successful Big Day event. Who knows, you may become like Chief Smith, a heart that is opened to meeting the needs of others through your God given abilities.  Thank you CHFD for your service and leadership here in Cedar Hill, TX.

Bridges Boutique Big Move Days

On Friday January 3rd, and Saturday January 4th, 2020 we ALL had the opportunity to help Bridges Boutique Resale store move for 220 W. Belt Line Rd. to 800 W. Belt Line Rd.  We asked you to show up and help, and that is exactly what you did. Thank you!

Bridges Boutique is an upscale thrift store benefiting Bridges Safehouse. Go shop their weekly sales on new and gently used items! 100% of the proceeds go to support the mission of Bridges and the residents that we serve. Looking for a place to donate? We accept new and gently used clothes for men, women, children and babies, shoes, household items, kitchenware, small furniture, accessories, make-up, toiletries, etc. Come check us out!

If you can’t help us help them move, then go help the mission at Bridges by shopping at the new store location, starting January 8, 2020. God Bless you, and Thank You for Your Help!

Omni Fellowship Big Day

On Saturday, November 16th, one of the Small groups from OMNI Fellowship in Cedar Hill teamed up with Mission Cedar Hill and went and made a real, noticeable difference in the life of one of our neighbors.

Omni Fellowship is a relatively NEW Church in Cedar Hill now located at 330 S. Clark Rd. They recently moved to this location and have been busy making it their own, unique to the Omni Family. It has been a joy to watch this Fellowship grow, adapt, and mature into the lighthouse they have become today, and we are excited about their future.

As a part of their growth and commitment to their community Omni Fellowship  worked along side with Mission Cedar Hill and scheduled a community wide Big Day. This Small Group led by Richard Nassar from Omni and Mel and Debbie Richards from MCH stepped outside their own comfort levels right into the middle of another person’s need. And man, were lives touched, changed, and shaped forever. Thank you Omni Fellowship! Thank you for loving on your community. Thank you for trusting Mission Cedar Hill in helping you  find a place and time to do that.

City U’s Big Day!

On Friday, September 13, 2019, 26 CityU students and leaders stepped out of the classrooms and regular lessons to give back to the community. 6 Home Owners and 1 Non-profit business saw the significant help that can come from generous people and a commitment to serving others.

Fences were repaired, rotted wood was replaced, and houses were painted. Products were clean sorted and shelved, and Cedar Hill is a better place to live and work today because of the partnership with MCH, CityU and these numerous Home owners.

City U is an interdepartmental event in and through the City of Cedar Hill. In City U, various city employees are exposed to and educated about other departments in the city other than the one they work in. What a great way to gain a fuller understanding of what a City does.

One of the departments leading the charge in this “University” is the Neighborhood Services team. This City U’s cycle has chosen to partner with us to see how the Mission Cedar Hill Community Restoration (MCHCR) program works, and not by watching, but by participating.

While Mission Cedar Hill is excited to host a specific group like City U, we are always looking for ways to broaden our horizons, our territories, and our influence in the community. The more volunteers, the greater the exposure, the wider our footprint, the better for the property owners, neighbors, and the City as a whole. So give us a call, see how we can partner with YOUR business, class, school, Church, or family to help you share the Joy that is yours with your neighbors.

Campamento TX. Mission

Hey, did you hear about the Campamento event at the end of July? 350 – 400 young people were prepared to invade the Greater Cedar Hill area with the Love of Jesus and serve our community in His name! Each year this group of young people has given up an afternoon to serve a community, and this year they have chosen to do that right here in Cedar Hill.  We’re excited about this opportunity.

Unfortunately, circumstance beyond our control has required us to POSTPONE this event to another date to be announce. Thank You Campamento! Thank you 350 young people. We know that you are going to do some GREAT THINGS where you go. God Bless you!!!

If you would like more information on Capamento TX, click HERE. The camp is from July 29th – August 2nd, 2019. Prices, location, speakers, it’s all there on the website. If you, or your young adult would like a safe place to finish the summer with purpose and meaning, CHECK THIS OUT!

Recently Past Events:

Mission Cedar Hill’s Annual BIG WEEK!

Wow, Wow and WOW. What a great week!  And we couldn’t be prouder of the 80 volunteers that signed up to volunteer in this summer’s Big Week Event.  Thursday we got a jump on this years list  with a Great Break in the rain we have been living with in North Texas for a while. While we prayed for 72* and a slight breeze, we’ll take 70*and a slight breeze every day! Thank You Lord!er

Saturday it warmed a bit, but it remained bearable. We mowed yards, replaced siding and facia. We tore don and rebuilt fences, cleaned animal kennels, weeded gardens, cleaned windows, and more. We met 16 new home owners, and dozens of new volunteers. We built relationships with old friends and started new ones. We prayed together, worked together, together, sweated together and had fun together.

We worked on 16 different homes and 7 different non-profit locations. Groups fixed soil erosion, re-established walking paths, sorted and priced materials and organized sock rooms. We heard some great stories of overcoming challenges and victories. We learned the importance of Faith and perseverance. We celebrated with home owners over answered prayer, opportunities to give God glory, and to e a witness, a Story Teller of God’s faithfulness in their communities. This year’s Big Week Event was a Big Success

It’s not too late for you to come and personally learn who Mission Cedar Hill is, and What we D.O. (There’s a sermon in there). Go to our “Join Mission Cedar Hill” page, select an event to volunteer at, sign-up, then show up. It’s just about that simple.  Go ahead, SIGN-UP! You WILL BE Blessed. You WILL BE a Blessing, and our Community, your neighbor WILL BE better off.

June 6th – 9th, 2019

Every year for the past 17 years we have been gathering Churches, businesses, the City of Cedar Hill, Firefighters, Policemen and Women, Firefighters, High School students and the list goes on and on of volunteers that come together to go love on our neighbors, improving the quality of life not just for them, but for us all. Every Big Week Event is open to the public, and we invite YOU to come join us.

We gather every morning, the 6th – 8th at 101 High Pointe Lane, Cedar Hill, 75104 for our team assignment, tool pick up, and kick off. God calls us together to love on our neighbor, and we ask Him to guide, protect, and send us out in His will, mercy, compassion, and provision.

By signing up HERE online you have the opportunity to fill out, download, and print all the forms needed to volunteer in the Big Week. This greatly helps us plan on the numbers, teams, and skills of our volunteers. It will also greatly speed up the registration process on the work days.

On Sunday, June 9th, we will gather at Virginia Weaver Park and hold the Celebration of Celebrations for another successful Mission Cedar Hill Big Event. And, we will be doing so on a playground that we helped rebuild back in March. Won’t you come join us? You won’t regret it!

April 27th Big Day with Leadership Southwest

On April 27th, we are worked with Leadership Southwest  and hosted a Work Day that  met the needs of our Cedar Hill neighbors. We were able to replace rotted siding on two houses, prepping them for paint, build a new fence on another, and help out two other non-profits in town with their ministries. Leadership Southwest poured their heat and lives into our community with GREAT results! Thank you Leadership Southwest.

There are NEVER too many hands on a shovel. Trust us, we’ll put you to work, because YOU are needed. This Big Day included both inside and outside work. We had 3 homes to re-side, two homes to rebuild fences on, and two non-profits needing shelving and organization help.  So there is still some work to do. Keep checking back, we will find a place and time to help YOU serve your neighbor.

So whether you are 10 or 100, a skilled carpenter or good organizer, you need to sign up. Leadership Southwest Personnel, see your web site and your sign up sheet. ALL OTHERS will need to sign up here, online, or in person on the day of the event. So we ask you PLEASE, save us and you some time and SIGN – Up HERE.

Virginia Weaver Park Project  

Hey, have you heard about the Virginia Weaver Park Playground Project? The City of Cedar Hill with its Parks and Recreation Department along with Mission Cedar Hill we are looking for volunteers to help build a NEW PLAYGROUND at the Virginia Weaver Park. The Park is located at 631 Somerset Dr., just north of Tidwell, in between S. Clark Road and S Hwy 67, right behind WS Permenter Middle School.

You can always find the latest information about this project on the City’s web site at . You can even have a permanent place in the playground by making a donation for a new picket at the playground by clicking HERE.

Mission Cedar Hill was tasked with filling 1,800 volunteers positions ti help the City in this project. 1,800, that is A LOT of people. While we fell short of reaching this number, we were amazed with the generosity and commitment of hundreds of our neighbors, friends and family.

We had volunteers that flew in from Arizona and Colorado just to help us on this project. We pray and believe that God will reward their generous contribution. We had schools and churches, businesses and boards show up in the cold drizzle that fell most of the work days. Day and night, hundreds came to lend a hand in building our future.

“The Old is gone, behold all things become new.” While this Scripture in 2  Corinthians 5:17 is speaking specifically of the lives of those who has chosen to walk with God, it applies also to everything we do. The GWT says it this way, “the old way of living has disappeared, A new way of living has come into existence.”

And so it is with the playground at Virginia Weaver, Hilltop, Community Park, the many names you may remember it by. But it is so much more than a playground. A community got together to build it back then, and a NEW community came together and built the new one now.




While this project may be over you can go to our Join Mission Cedar Hill page and sign up for more information on additional projects in our future. You can sign-up to get more information on helping with future Mission Cedar Hill projects HERE, or donate to our cause by clicking HERE, or customize your own personal Picket at the Playground HERE.

Christmas Cedar Hill

Thank you for a great day!

This year Mission Cedar Hill joined with the Cedar Hill ISD to bless hundreds of Scholars (children) in our community. Based on the recommendation of CHISD counselors, principles and administrators, Christmas Cedar Hill is helping needing families with Christmas gifts.

MCH  helped with the logistics of the gift collection and distribution. YOU will be able to help next year by providing a NEW unwrapped gift for a Scholar boy or girl, grades K – 5. Scholars 6-12th grades will be blessed with gift cards. Of course there re opportunities to help a whole lot closer than next Christmas.


November, 2018 Big Day

We just completed our last Big Day. Here’s how a Big day plays out. Keep coming back to find our next Big Day. We’re building toward one in April, 2019, and we are certain for June. Let’s keep looking. Contact us to develop a Big Day for your group.

We will meet at High Pointe Baptist Church 101 High Pointe Lane, Cedar Hill promptly at 8:00 AM. There, we will receive our teams, assignments, and tools. From there we will go to our assigned locations until 12 noon at which we will meet at “Sam’s Pizza & Pasta here in Cedar Hill. Lunch is Provided by MCH.

At 1:00 PM, you are back at your assigned job sights until 4:30, or its completion. At this time we will all return to the High Pointe location for reports, tool return, and Personnel pick-up.  Working the entire 8 hours is not required, but it sure makes scheduling teams and task a lot easier. If you cannot work all day, just let us know and we will make the adjustments needed. We’d rather have you than miss you.

For our NEXT Big Day, you can sign up HERE.

Be a part of what is happening through the work of Mission Cedar Hill!


Givelify,    or sign-up to        Volunteer HERE.

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