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The information requested here is sent to our data base and stored off line. It is safe, secure, and never shared publicly. Please fill in the required fields. The comments are for questions or request. Thank you.

And we thought 2020 was a challenging year . . . huh? 2021 has made herself known. From the continuation of the pandemic and restrictions, to the GREAT Freeze, 2023 has started off with a BANG! But so has Mission Cedar Hill.

While scheduling work days has been a challenge the volume of work is only increasing. The deterioration of our neighbors homes and yards hasn’t taken a single day of since this pandemic started. We need your help more than ever, and we need it now. AND . . . a donor will contribute $10 for EVERY volunteerhour worked. Yep, that’s right. If you work 4 hours, they’ll donate $40. If you and 7 friends work 8 hours, they’ll donate $640.

We can and will do what ever you and your team deem necessary for a safe and productive work day(s). Mask, gloves, inside, outside, tell us what makes you the most comfortable, and we will set you up in a heartbeat. Every opportunity we make, every opportunity we take, creates a place where real people, with real needs are met.

EACH and EVERY volunteer that joins Mission Cedar Hill needs to fill out the following form. This will send us your information and register you for the specific EVENT that you sign up for. We also ask that you print the forms that are link at the bottom of this page, fill them out and bring them with you on the day of your event. This will greatly ease the morning of that Big Day.

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