Rainy Days & Monday . . .

While it may have rained on our last scheduled work day, Saturday, September 22, 2018 it didn’t dampen our desire to be out in the community loving on our neighbors. 14 people had signed up to volunteer that day, and 6 of them got to go ahead and work at the New 2 U Thrift Store located at 320-H S. Clark Rd. Cedar Hill, TX 75104

New 2 U Thrift Store is a consistent Partner of Mission Cedar Hill. Sandy and Tim are fantastic people that love their community and always make not only a place for us to volunteer, but make us right at home doing so. If you are looking for really affordable clothing, linen, house ware and so much more. We strongly recommend shopping at the New 2 U Thrift Store in Cedar Hill, TX. The profits from this thrift store supports a local food bank in our city.

Four of the six people that worked that Saturday were brand new volunteers with MCH, so what a great place to get started, it was truly New 2 them (lol). We always will strive to find a suitable environment for all of our volunteers. Two married couples and a grandmother, granddaughter team made the perfect fit at New 2 U. They sorted and priced merchandise, cleaned up, straightened out books and display shelves, and had a blast doing it all in the Name of Jesus Christ.

It is always a delight to be able to serve our community in the Wonderful Name of our Savior and Lord Jesus. While the rain that day may have kept us from replacing wood and painting the outside of homes, it didn’t stop us from Loving On! We are looking at a rescheduled work day of Saturday October 13th, 2018 to get the other work we wanted to do that day done.

So pencil in, Saturday, October 13, 2108 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM for the next Mission Cedar Hill BIG Day. You can sign up HERE, or call/email our product manager Steve Scott for more information at 214-884-8378, stevenotisscott@Gmail.com.

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