More than Blessed

April 2023

In 2014 we were preparing to move to the North Texas area. My wife, Jamie, had secured a job with a medical provider and we were in need of a new home. Having found a couple prospects I drove down from Colorado to take a look. After having viewed the properties, I went to Braums in Cedar Hill for lunch.

While there, I met a small group, 6-8, teenage girls all wearing matching shirts with paint all over them. Curious about who they were and what they were doing, they told me about their Pastor, his love for local missions, and that they were working on peoples homes that weekend. I ate my lunch, finished my visits in town and headed back to Englewood, Colorado.

Our Church in Englewood had picked up the mantle of serving those living on the margins in our community. The homeless, addicts, families that were living in local “low” cost motels . . . these are those to whom God had lead us to minister to. What would I do in Texas? Where would I serve? To whom would I serve? So I searched for like minded ministries. Unlike Colorado, there were tons of them, everywhere, doing everything. I even found the parent ministry of a foodbank network we had in Englewood. But I found a different one . . . one that seemed to stand out a bit.

Your guessed it. I came across Mission Cedar Hill. What caught my eyes was that it was listed on the City of Cedar Hill’s website as a Partner with schools, Churches, and businesses helping homeowners that needed a hand. All of a sudden, that small group of teenage girls popped back into my head, that’s who they were. My interest was peaked.

So just a few months later when we moved to Cedar Hill Texas, we made our way to High Pointe Baptist Church, the local Church that started and drove the Mission Cedar Hill ministry. That June I volunteered and worked on a crew with a handful of teenage boys. We tore down playground sets, mowed yards, and painted houses. I was caught, hook, line, and sinker. I returned the next June and led another crew of young men cleaning yards, repairing homes, and so much more.

The next year, I was asked by Pastor Toby Snowden to come and work for Mission Cedar Hill as its first hired employee ever, and I was ready to do it. God had provided my new Mission field, my new ministry, and I could not have been more at home. So since 2017, I have had the honor to lead hundreds and hundreds of volunteers, not just in June, but in every month of the year in going and being the hands and feet of Jesus, taking care to our community. I am More than Blessed!

This month, April 2023, is my last month with Mission Cedar Hill. I am retiring and moving out of state, back to Arizona, my birthplace and next Mission field. In these past 7 years I have seen not just thousands of people stepout of their comfort zones and volunteer to help complete strangers that they learned were their Divinely directed neighbors, but hundreds of Homeowners, many that had lost all hope that they would ever be able to fix their fence, mow their yard, replace their siding, and had sunk into depression and defeat.

But then God . . . sent a small group of volunteers, led by a schoolteacher, an accountant, even a rocket scientist. These small groups have trusted God with their summer vacations, weekends, resources, and time. They invited their friends, brought their Sunday School classes and schoolmates. They learned how to use new tools, work as a team, and complete task they never dreamed they would do. Group after group have gone out and taken the love of Jesus, demonstrated through rakes, paintbrushes and time. They have sweated, bled, prayed and laughed with hundreds of homeowners, learning invaluable lessons of love, compassion, sacrifice, and reward. In all of this, I, the volunteers, and the homeowners have all found that we are all More Than Blessed.

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