Thanksgiving Preparation

One of the things that has been MORE than abundant so far this Fall in North Texas is RAIN. You know, the moisture that falls from the sky for seemingly endless day. As a matter of fact, NBC news says we are already breaking records for the wettest October, wettest fall, and even pushing the wettest wet EVER!

While we are thankful for the rain that fills our reservoirs, the water that comes out of our taps and faucets, it’s a little too much when it comes out the bottom of your walls into your bathroom, bedrooms, and offices. South central Texas has been getting it even worse, again. So while we remain thankful for the water we are getting, let us be be mindful of those who are truly suffering because of it.

Heavenly Father, be kind and merciful to those who are suffering loss and trouble because of the abundance of rain here in Texas. Lord provide for them through your endless treasures. Move your sons and your daughters to be generous givers, and compassionate neighbors. In Jesus name, Amen.

So we have had to cancel our last two Community Restoration Days, Big Days, because of the rain. The NEWLY scheduled Big Day is Saturday, November 17, 2018. We will gather at 101 High Pointe Ln. Cedar Hill, Texas to get our team and job assignments and be swiftly off to work. Lunch is provide from 12 noon to 1 PM, then back to work until 4:30, or until your task is complete. Then we are back at 101 High Pointe Ln for tool drop off and people pick up.

So if you would like more information on this volunteer opportunity, or would like to sign up, you can do that HERE. If you are willing and able to help us with a Tax deductible financial gift, you can do that HERE.


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