“Building Unity Through Collaboration”

You will see “Building Unity Through Collaboration” on almost everything Mission Cedar Hill prints or publishes. But what does it mean? Allow me to break it down for you in what it means to us.

To “Build” anything that is going to have a lasting affect and influence in a community, you have to have a plan. And in order to develop a plan, you have to have an Awareness of a need. One of the things we say a lot is there in NEVER a shortage of need. So to develop an organization, a family of friends and servants we are challenged with making others Aware of the needs that surround us. Building begins at an awareness of the need.

Then we believe that in that new information we have the opportunity to Encourage  others to develop their own passion about that need and have an Influence in them somehow developing their own Involvement in the process of bring hope and peace to others living in it.

So, having become Aware of a need others are Encouraged and Influenced to the point of Involvement and learn ways to Support those reaching out to correct the need. Support can be in numerous ways. Fund raising, personal involvement through the Big Days, giving of one’s self in physical labor, administratively by helping with records, information, social media presence, supplies and so many other ways.

This naturally moves those who have become aware, to Participation. One of Mission Cedar Hill’s greatest needs if for people to Participate in what we are doing. Agreeing with us, sharing our story, even praying for us is great, but it doesn’t cut the grass or replace the wood, or paint the house. Our goal is to Build Unity through Collaboration by moving others from an awareness of a need to a point of participation, doing something aout it. Passing on information is great, but the need for Transformation is greater than the need of information. We will only Transform the homes and lives of our neighbors by showing up and getting the work done we have become aware of.

And then participants have the opportunity to become partners. A Partnership is where parties, known as Partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interest. Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something.  Awareness, Encouragement, Influence, Involvement, Support, Participation, and Partnership. We believe this is how we Build Unity Through Collaboration.

Sound like something YOU would like to be a part of?

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