Spring into Action

It seems like this has been a wet winter. And as I listen to the weather man, we are right, It has been. While cold damp days may make working outside difficult, it is not impossible. And it may even be necessary. Carpenters, roofers, plumbers, and the long list of construction workers and civil servants work outside in the elements everyday, whether it is sunny, or raining. It may not be their first choice, but they do what they need to do.

We’d like to look at another “need to do”. That of the homeowner whose fence has blown down due to the saturated soil, or the high winds we have had lately. Unfortunately their need may not be able to wait until June for our Big Week. But your small group could meet this immediate need with just a Big Day spent on the home and life of a neighbor. While Spring officially starts on March 19, 2020 we are already seeing our seasonal bulbs and flowers Springing up out the soil displaying their beautiful flowers and colors.

Maybe you would like to get a head start on some Spring cleaning or Spring Planting. We already have a healthy list of Home owners and non Profits that are in need of help to not only get their properties ready for Spring, but back into code compliance. We already have a healthy list of home owners whose fences have blown down and are in need of repair, or replacement. We have a growing list of homeowners whose siding has deteriorated to the point that paint will not cover its condition any longer. It needs to be replaced and repainted for their home to be restored.

But please, hear this; Beyond the fences and siding are Moms and Dads, Grandmothers and Grandpas. They are homeowners living with disabilities and catastrophic events that are keeping them from being able to take care of these needs. But there is Good News in all of this. Their inability to meet these needs give YOU the Ability to Spring into Action and do it for them, with them.  We can guarantee you one of the most satisfying days you have had in a LOOONNNGGG time. What do you say? Give us a call. Give them a hand.

Mission Cedar Hill  (214) 884-8378 Spring into Action!

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