And then . . .

One of the phrases we hear a lot around a Mission Cedar Hill event is “And then . . . “. We hear this phrase as much from volunteers as from Homeowners, from Homeowners as much as from volunteers. But it is said with equal excitement and enthusiasm regardless of who is saying it.

“And then . . . when we got to the house we met the homeowner. She was such a nice lady, and so appreciative that we were there. She let us pray for her and her home, she even prayed with us. We didn’t waste any time. We got right at it. The work wasn’t all that hard, but at the end of the day when we stood back and looked at the finished project, I saw chest puff out, and eyes tear up. Someone said, ‘Look at that, we did that’. ” MCH Volunteer

“And then . . . when I opened the door I was greeted by the nicest group of people. They had taken a day out of their busy schedules to come help me with my house. They fixed my fence, cut back my shrubs and hauled away the trash. I couldn’t believe the difference they were able to make in my life in a single day. I am so thankful to God, and to Mission Cedar Hill for all their help!” MCH Homeowner

There is no shortage of things to do this time of year. And while the list of things to do is long, we want to remind you that so is the list of needs. While we reflect on what we are Thankful for, and look forward to what we may give, or receive, we would like to ask you to consider the needs of others, needs they cannot meet, not with another job, another day, or pulling their boots up. The only way many of our homeowners will be able to meet their need is when you and I show up and meet it with them.

What do you say? Are you ready to be a real part of a real solution? Are you ready to make a real difference in a real persons life? Are you willing to take one day and touch the heart and life of another person? Give us a call, we can place you with another group, or set up a Big Day for you and your group, your family, or just you. YOU can make a difference.

Merry Christmas!

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