MCH Annual Big Week Event

As I watch the rain gently dampen the leaves on the trees in my backyard, I am aware of the severe storm they say is headed our way later this morning. It also serves as a reminder of our Annual Big Week Event that is just 19 days away, June 6th – 8th, 2019. Each morning we will begin the check in/registration at 7:30 AM at the High Pointe Baptist Church campus located at 101 High Pointe Lane, Cedar Hill, TX. 75104.

For the 17th consecutive year dozens of teams will be equipped, empowered, and encouraged as they are released into our neighborhoods sharing their time, talents and resources as they pour out love, compassion, and kindness onto our neighbors. Sound like something you would like to be a part of? You can! It is as easy as going to our “Join Mission Cedar Hill” page at and signing up to help.

You can volunteer for a part of any day all the way to all day, all three days, and even have a part in helping Sunday morning at our Worship Celebration at Virginia Weaver Park . Check out the many opportunities to participate in Love on our “Events” page at . There you can not only see where we have been recently, but where are are planning to be in the near future. For example, we are not only planning on serving our community on June 6th – 8th in our Annual Big Week Event, but helping out at the Juneteenth Event lead by Best Southwest at Valley Ridge Park June 15th.

So let me encourage you to go to our Events page, check out the opportunities, dates, and times. Then you can click on the Join Mission Cedar Hill page and fill out the volunteer form. Every volunteer at every MCH event MUST register. The BEST way to do this is through the web site form. This gives us advanced notice, a better way to count and assign people to the numerous task we are taking on, and GREATLY SHORTENS the time spent registering and assigning people on the days of the events.

The rain continues to gently fall on my trees, and it serves as a reminder of what is coming very soon. I hope and pray that as you see a neighbor’s fence that has fallen down, or a yard that is unmowed it will serve as a constant reminder of the many neighbors we share that cannot fix their situation on their own, and the army of volunteers God is raising up to G.O. and share L.O.V.E. in real and practical ways. Come Join Us!

P.S – I would love to come to your group, Church or office and share these one of these two ideas of service. The acronyms G.O. = Given Opportunity, and L.O.V.E = Lifting Others Valuing Everyone, are just two of many teachings God has given me. Let me know, I would love to come share with you and yours.

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