Looking to Lead . . .

On Saturday, April 27th, 2019, Leadership Southwest is gathering together with Mission Cedar to G.O. out into our community and lead in love. Leadership Southwest contacted us a few months back and asked us if we would like to participate in a “Treasure Hunt” exercise they were doing in looking for a non-profit to join with. We were MORE than glad to join them.

We put together a short exercise for them to participate in, giving them small samples of what we do in various home projects which built upon each other, leading to a finished project, and hopefully, a desire to know and do more. Well, what do you know? Out of the five non-profits that were hoping to recruit a team of volunteers, we won.

So on Saturday, April 27th, from 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM the volunteers from Leadership Southwest are going to take on 5 pretty healthy project. Three homes have rotted siding that needs to be removed and replaced. They then need to be caulked, primed, and painted. One home needs a whole new paint job after some old paint is washed and scraped off. It’s a big two story home, so we hope they eat theirs Wheaties. And the fifth and final home needs a new fence built. The old fence is already gone, so we need to show up, dig some holes, set some post, and then build a brand new fence.

Each of these homeowners are going to be blessed by the generosity of Leadership Southwest and Mission Cedar Hill, not only in the free labor provided by the volunteers, but by the free wood, paint, and fencing that the generous donors with these two groups is gathering together to pay for all of it. Mission Cedar Hill has never asked a homeowner for a penny, and we never will.

We would like to invite you to come work with us on that Saturday, April 27th, or just come watch us do what we do for a while so you can see for yourself what Leadership and Love can do for and in a Community. Jesus said to “Love your Neighbor” so that’s what we’re doing. You can always learn what we are doing at our web site MissionCedarHill.org, and click on “Events”. Then click on “Join Mission Cedar Hill” and G.O. make a difference in your neighborhood.

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