And Then . . .

And then, there was a playground.

Toward the end of February through the first of March, the City of Cedar Hill along with Mission Cedar Hill the businesses, churches, and citizens of Cedar Hill set out on quite an adventure. In eleven days we were to turn a plot of dirt into a brand new innovative, inclusive, learning playground that would invite, encourage, and enlist every kid in our city to come play and learn on its features.

The weather turned cold and wet, I mean really cold (like freezing) and really wet, like rain, sleet, and ice. Volunteers and workers starting showing up every day at 7 am, and worked until 8 PM. Tools were hard to hold, the ground was frozen, on top of being Cedar Hill stone, the screws seemed sharper in our fingertips and the post seemed heavier. There were mornings where the decks were slippery from ice and things just didn’t want to work right based on these conditions. But we never gave in, and never gave up.

People young and old, skilled and unskilled came out to work in conditions we wouldn’t normally go to the store in, And after they showed up, they went to work. They dug holes and cut boards. They leveled post and built decks. They mitered saws and routed edges, all in the cold with their friends and family, and had fun doing it. Numerous city employees came out on and off of the clock. We CANNOT SAY ENOUGH about the dozens of city employees that worked relentless hours in demanding conditions to get the job done. Our hats off to William Ford, Shawn Ray, Tia Rich, and dozens more who gave and gave, and gave. Please thank each and every one of your coworkers, superintendents, directors, and associates for a job well done.

You, Cedar Hill, showed what can be done when a Community comes together to do a job. We did a lot, we learned a lot. But we’re not done. There is still ONE MORE REALLY BIG TASK with the Virginia Weaver Playground Project, and that’s Celebrate it! So we invite you, Saturday, March 30th, from 1 – 3 PM, come help us dedicate this New Playground to a new generation of Cedarhillians that will tell its story for generations.


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