“Building Unity Through Collaboration”

You will see “Building Unity Through Collaboration” on almost everything Mission Cedar Hill prints or publishes. But what does it mean? Allow me to break it down for you in what it means to us.

To “Build” anything that is going to have a lasting affect and influence in a community, you have to have a plan. And in order to develop a plan, you have to have an Awareness of a need. One of the things we say a lot is there in NEVER a shortage of need. So to develop an organization, a family of friends and servants we are challenged with making others Aware of the needs that surround us. Building begins at an awareness of the need.

Then we believe that in that new information we have the opportunity to Encourage  others to develop their own passion about that need and have an Influence in them somehow developing their own Involvement in the process of bring hope and peace to others living in it.

So, having become Aware of a need others are Encouraged and Influenced to the point of Involvement and learn ways to Support those reaching out to correct the need. Support can be in numerous ways. Fund raising, personal involvement through the Big Days, giving of one’s self in physical labor, administratively by helping with records, information, social media presence, supplies and so many other ways.

This naturally moves those who have become aware, to Participation. One of Mission Cedar Hill’s greatest needs if for people to Participate in what we are doing. Agreeing with us, sharing our story, even praying for us is great, but it doesn’t cut the grass or replace the wood, or paint the house. Our goal is to Build Unity through Collaboration by moving others from an awareness of a need to a point of participation, doing something aout it. Passing on information is great, but the need for Transformation is greater than the need of information. We will only Transform the homes and lives of our neighbors by showing up and getting the work done we have become aware of.

And then participants have the opportunity to become partners. A Partnership is where parties, known as Partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interest. Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something.  Awareness, Encouragement, Influence, Involvement, Support, Participation, and Partnership. We believe this is how we Build Unity Through Collaboration.

Sound like something YOU would like to be a part of?

Thanksgiving Preparation

One of the things that has been MORE than abundant so far this Fall in North Texas is RAIN. You know, the moisture that falls from the sky for seemingly endless day. As a matter of fact, NBC news says we are already breaking records for the wettest October, wettest fall, and even pushing the wettest wet EVER!

While we are thankful for the rain that fills our reservoirs, the water that comes out of our taps and faucets, it’s a little too much when it comes out the bottom of your walls into your bathroom, bedrooms, and offices. South central Texas has been getting it even worse, again. So while we remain thankful for the water we are getting, let us be be mindful of those who are truly suffering because of it.

Heavenly Father, be kind and merciful to those who are suffering loss and trouble because of the abundance of rain here in Texas. Lord provide for them through your endless treasures. Move your sons and your daughters to be generous givers, and compassionate neighbors. In Jesus name, Amen.

So we have had to cancel our last two Community Restoration Days, Big Days, because of the rain. The NEWLY scheduled Big Day is Saturday, November 17, 2018. We will gather at 101 High Pointe Ln. Cedar Hill, Texas to get our team and job assignments and be swiftly off to work. Lunch is provide from 12 noon to 1 PM, then back to work until 4:30, or until your task is complete. Then we are back at 101 High Pointe Ln for tool drop off and people pick up.

So if you would like more information on this volunteer opportunity, or would like to sign up, you can do that HERE. If you are willing and able to help us with a Tax deductible financial gift, you can do that HERE.



Have you ever scheduled something and then learn that is on the same day as, oh, I don’t know, your WEDDING?!

Well, it wasn’t quite that bad, but this weekends Big Day, scheduled for Saturday, October 13, 2018 is the same day as Cedar Hill’s Country Day on the Hill festivals. Therefore we will postpone the Big Day scheduled for the 13th, and move it to another day to be determined (TBD).

While work days may be rescheduled due to weather, material shortages, Celebrations or sicknesses, please remember that the need for that day doesn’t. The fence is still down, the siding is still in need of repair and replacement, and the homeowner is still in violation.

That is why your help is so vital to all that Mission Cedar Hill does. We cannot do it without you. Your physical presence in these times of need are so supportive to these homeowners that words really can’t express the difference that you make. Just ask one of them.

So while this Big Day’s rescheduled date is TBD, the need for volunteers is not. You can SIGN UP to be a part of the miracle any day RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

Rainy Days & Monday . . .

While it may have rained on our last scheduled work day, Saturday, September 22, 2018 it didn’t dampen our desire to be out in the community loving on our neighbors. 14 people had signed up to volunteer that day, and 6 of them got to go ahead and work at the New 2 U Thrift Store located at 320-H S. Clark Rd. Cedar Hill, TX 75104

New 2 U Thrift Store is a consistent Partner of Mission Cedar Hill. Sandy and Tim are fantastic people that love their community and always make not only a place for us to volunteer, but make us right at home doing so. If you are looking for really affordable clothing, linen, house ware and so much more. We strongly recommend shopping at the New 2 U Thrift Store in Cedar Hill, TX. The profits from this thrift store supports a local food bank in our city.

Four of the six people that worked that Saturday were brand new volunteers with MCH, so what a great place to get started, it was truly New 2 them (lol). We always will strive to find a suitable environment for all of our volunteers. Two married couples and a grandmother, granddaughter team made the perfect fit at New 2 U. They sorted and priced merchandise, cleaned up, straightened out books and display shelves, and had a blast doing it all in the Name of Jesus Christ.

It is always a delight to be able to serve our community in the Wonderful Name of our Savior and Lord Jesus. While the rain that day may have kept us from replacing wood and painting the outside of homes, it didn’t stop us from Loving On! We are looking at a rescheduled work day of Saturday October 13th, 2018 to get the other work we wanted to do that day done.

So pencil in, Saturday, October 13, 2108 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM for the next Mission Cedar Hill BIG Day. You can sign up HERE, or call/email our product manager Steve Scott for more information at 214-884-8378, stevenotisscott@Gmail.com.

Mission Cedar Hill

Mission Cedar Hill is always looking forward to the next group, the next date that a group of compassionate neighbors and friends can go out and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others.

If you belong to a group, or just hang out in a “group” let us invite you, to invite others to go out into our communities and Take Care to our Community by Building Unity through Collaboration. It is truly amazing to watch a small group like yours, or large corporations “get it” when they look back at a days work, and not only see the completed project, but the complete picture.

Standing next to that house, or in the front door is a senior adult, or a disabled neighbor that now has a smile ear to ear, and a heart full of gratitude and thankfulness. Nothing compares to that, nothing! As you drive away and for months and years to come you will be telling others of the way your life was changed, and the happiness you played a part in bringing to a complete strangers life.

You may have read similar stories on line, or heard someone talking about one, but with Mission Cedar Hill, YOU get to live it. It gets to be YOUR story, your joy, your fullness in knowing that you made a real difference in another human beings life.

We don’t have to look very far to find stories of division and destruction. We don’t even have to look for them, they are everywhere we go. But YOUR day, your group doesn’t have to be a part of that world. Mission Cedar Hill will make all of the arrangements. We will find the job, contact the homeowner(s), help you raise the funds, purchase the material, set up the dates(s), and even feed you lunch.

Before you know it, your group has a whole new outlook on life. You’ll be encouraged again in a hope for mankind. You’ll be telling your friends and colleagues of the fantastic day you had, and the next date you are planning on doing it again. From Police groups, Churches and leadership schools, youth groups and home small groups, your group is a perfect fit for Mission Cedar Hill.

Give us a call, let’s see what we can do. 214-884-8378